Manage Service

We do offer Manage Service for your Websites and VPS at affordable price $ 6.00!

We are providing an attractive benefits of the managed service:

- If there ever is an issue with your Website or VPS – There is always a qualified support on hand for that we are ready to handshake.
- In ideal cases, most of the companies call to the registered telephone number at 24/7/365, but we send an instant email to the registered email if any issue is occurred. The rest of the actions, you will need to take from your end.
We do monitor Websites or any custom Web page, SSL certificates, FTP Accounts (File Transfer Protocol), SSH (Secure Shell), Database Connections (MSSQL & MySQL), Mail Service (SmarterMail, MailEnable etc.). There is no limit for the notification. We will instant inform you if any of the issue is occurred as we are available 24*7.

You can just drop an email at to purchase this service or you can purchase from your client area. Buy Now

For any of the query or confusion, just drop an email at We are always Happy to Assist you!